Sunday, May 15, 2011

Strawberry or Peach Pie, Fresh

Pie Crust:
1/2 cup dates
1/2 cup almonds

To make the pie crust:  Put the almonds into food processor and blend until almonds are finely chopped. Add dates and blend until mixture is crumbly. Press mixture into pie plate--fluting the edges if desired.

Filling:  2-3 baskets of fresh strawberries washed and stemmed.  Slice the strawberries in half.  Set aside while preparing sauce.

Sauce:  Put 3/4 cup strawberries in blender with 2 tbsp. raw agave nectar.  Blend and pour over the strawberries, mix to coat strawberries. 

Put strawberries into pie shell.  Top with raw vegan cream of your choice. I like vanilla coconut cream on it!

For peach pie, just use fresh sliced peaches instead of strawberries and follow the same procedure.

Mary Ann's Home Kitchen by Mary Ann Jones

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